Retirement Income

When retired, you move from accumulating savings to making withdrawals from savings to supplement Social Security.The low interest rates of the last decade make it difficult for retirees to live off their savings without drawing down their principal. It’s important you have a plan to make your savings last your entire lifetime.

Using annuities, you can be guaranteed a lifetime income. Annuities provide protection and guarantees against some very large concerns: market losses, outliving your savings, and not having enough money to pay long-term care expenses.

Questions we can answer

  • Is my money invested properly for my retirement?
  • What is my risk tolerance?
  • Am I going to outlive my money?
  • Are annuities a good investment?
  • What is the best way to allocate investments to prepare for long term care costs?

Make Your Money Last As Long As You Do

When you turn 65, and then 75, and you’re looking forward, income and the guarantees of income will become more important to you than investment returns. Cardinal can help you create a diversified asset portfolio that will last your entire lifetime.

Cardinal Lessons on Retirement Income

Tax-Free Retirement Savings

Hans talks about how you can make the most of your money in retirement with tax-free retirement savings. Learn about the three types of money — taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free — and how each can change your bottom line in retirement. Finally, Hans explains the best way to maximize tax-free money through a Roth IRA or maximum-funded life insurance. Who doesn’t love tax-free money? Board Transcript: Tax-Free Retirement Savings 1) Taxable: Money market. CDs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, employment income, rents, and dividends Liquidity 1099 2) Tax-Deferred: Traditional 401(k), IRA, 403(b), 457, simple, SEP… Principal + interest taxed when it’s distributed 1099 RMDs starting at 72 Death benefit taxable (other than spouse) 3) Tax-Free: ROTH IRA: | MAXIMUM-FUNDED LIFE INSURANCE PRINCIPAL | Already taxed | Already taxed EARNINGS | Tax-free | Tax-free DEATH BENEFIT | Tax-free & = cash value | Tax-free & > (greater than) cash value LIFE-INSURANCE COST | No | Yes RE-DEPOSIT WITHDRAWALS | No | Yes LONG-TERM CARE BENEFIT | No | Yes GUARANTEES | No | Yes CORRELATED TO THE STOCK MARKET | Yes | No CAN BE REMOVED FROM TAXABLE ESTATE | No | Yes Call us at (919) 535-8261 | Visit our website at | Listen to the “Finishing Well” Podcast Email Hans at

6-Year MYGA Ladder

Hans previews a financial strategy that uses Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities to increase earnings on your savings. MYGAs are simply a tool to earn higher interest on your savings. It gives you a predetermined and guaranteed interest rate for a set period of time, allowing you to create an additional savings bucket in retirement. Call us at (919) 535-8261 or visit our Website at Board Transcript: Six-Year MYGA Ladder $20,000 / 2-year / 2.15% / Nov. 2023 / $869 $20,000 / 3-year / 2.35% / Nov. 2024 / $1,443 $20,000 / 4-year / 2.60% / Nov. 2025 / $2,163 $20,000 / 5-year / 3.15% / Nov. 2026 / $3,354 $20,000 / 6-year / 3.17% / Nov. 2027 / $4,112 $100,000 (total) / 4 years (average) 2.684% / n/a / $11,941 (total) Nov. 2023 — Purchase new 5-year for $20,869 -Accumulated savings -Bond Allocation -Market profits Checking = 0.05% Money market = 0.15% CD 24 = 0.40% CD 36 = 0.36% CD 60 = 0.55% Email:

Retirement Income Strategy: Buckets of Money

Set up your retirement for success with this income strategy that uses Social Security and withdrawals from a taxable IRA.

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Retirement Income: Income Riders on Annuities

Income Riders protect you from living too long and running out of money.

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Retirement Income: Choosing your Advisor

The mission of Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board) is to benefit the public by granting the CFP® certification and upholding it as the recognized standard of excellence for competent and ethical personal financial planning.

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Retirement Income: Diversification in a Retirement Strategy

Like the meaning of the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, diversification is a form of risk management. What many people don’t realize is that diversification, and what it means, changes when you retire.

The Cardinal Guide To:
Retirement Income

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As you age, we recommend you stop chasing return and start managing risk. Diversification is key to ensuring your money is protected against volatile markets. We can help you determine your risk tolerance and help you invest your money accordingly.

Understand your risk tolerance and what you are comfortable with. Cardinal has a risk tolerance profile that helps you determine where you need to be. The closer you are to retirement, or if you’re already retired, the less risk you want to take.

Fixed indexed annuities with income riders are generally misunderstood. They guarantee you will never lose principle from market losses plus guarantee an income you can’t outlive.

If you need long term care, paying for it yourself will create a big dent in your savings and income. Many fixed indexed annuities have long-term care enhancements and don’t require you to answer health history questions.

MYGAs (Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities), commonly referred to as CD annuities, are increasingly popular, especially as interest rates remain low. A MYGA is a fixed annuity designed for accumulation. MYGAs offer a predetermined and guaranteed interest rate for a set period of time. MYGAs are currently paying significantly higher interest than CDs. You don’t pay tax on the MYGA interest until you withdraw it.

If most of your money is in an IRA, a simple way to create a monthly income is to roll some of this money into an annuity. If you do this the correct way, you could also lessen your tax bill, spreading the income over several years.

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