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Long-Term Care Insurance 

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■ You might live a long life, and if you do, you might become frail or memory impaired and end up needing care. The financial consequences of that care can be devastating to your family.

 Long-term care doesn’t have to mean a nursing home. It includes home health care, assisted living, and adult day care. More and more, clients are cared for at home with paid assistance coming in to help.

■ Financial strategies include short-term care insurance, traditional long-term care insurance, hybrid long-term care insurance, and/or a financial plan for self-insurance. These solutions can be mixed and matched to come up with your personal plan.

 Consider a Partnership long-term care policy, which allows you to go on Medicaid while protecting some of your assets.

 Medicaid is a last resort to pay for your care.

 Get professional help from an independent insurance agent and a financial professional who specializes in eldercare and long-term care.

 If you are relatively affluent, there can be tax advantages in planning for long-term care.

Useful Documents

Want more information? A Shopper’s Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance, published by the NAIC, helps people understand long-term care and the insurance policies available. It is available to read by clicking the link below. 

A Shoppers Guide to LTC Insurance Cover.jpg

Want to read the long-term care chapters in from “The Complete Cardinal Guide to Planning for and Living in Retirement” and the accompanying workbook? Click below to read those!



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