Retirement Income

Strategizing Retirement Income 

 Stop chasing return and start managing risk.

 As you age, income becomes more important than account balances.

 Consider fixed indexed annuities, which can provide lifetime income and some nice guarantees.

 Long-term care implications of your investments: Using long-term care services, paid for by you, will create a big dent in your savings and income. Many fixed indexed annuities have long-term care enhancements and don’t require you to answer health history questions. The need for long-term care funds could come at the wrong time relative to the ebb and flow of markets, so buying these enhancements could be a good choice.

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Useful Documents 

For some more information on one source of retirement income, click below to read the NAIC Buyer’s Guide for Fixed Deferred Annuities. 


Retirement Savings Crisis

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