The 7 Worries

Cardinal helps you embrace the 7 worries in retirement! 

Social Security

  • What age should I start receiving Social Security benefits? 
  • How does my spouses Social Security benefit affect me? 
  • What happens to my benefit if my spouse dies?


  • What is Medicare? What are its Parts? 
  • What is the difference between supplements and Advantage plans?
  • How does Medicare cover prescriptions? 

Long-Term Care

  • How do I plan for long-term care?
  • Will Medicaid pay for long-term care? 
  • What kinds of long-term care insurance is available?


  • How do IRAs work?
  • What is the difference between Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs?
  • When an I requited to start Required Minimum Distributions? 

Life Insurance

  • Are there different kinds of life insurance? 
  • What documents do you need to be prepared for estate planning? 
  • How do federal estate taxes affect estate planning? 

Retirement Income

  • How important is return?
  • What is risk management? 
  • What is an annuity? 

Income Taxes

  •  Is Social Security income taxed? 
  • What are Medicare surcharges? 
  • Can you postpone income taxes?