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Our CEO, Hans Scheil, founded Cardinal Advisors in 2010. From 1976 to 2010, Hans worked for two large insurance companies as an agent and sales manager. Hans was convinced there was something missing from the heart of these large insurance companies: they lacked empathy for their clients. Instead of focusing on the best interest of their customers, Hans watched the culture morph into a company profit and commission-centric environment. These companies had a captive audience of people 65+ for years, but the rise of the internet and readily available and easily accessible information changed all of that. Cardinal now represents over 100 different insurance companies who are competing for our client’s business. No more captive audience!
Hans has been a caregiver for his mom, dad, and grandmother and knows how difficult retirement planning and caregiving is, especially for the adult children with families of their own. He started a company where serving the customer is the first priority.
Ten years later, Cardinal has 20 employees serving over 5,000 clients in 50 states and D.C.

Cardinal’s Core Values

At Cardinal, we live and work by our 5 core values. We look for clients who share these values.
These principles lead us to mutual trust and respect, and together we can effectively and successfully explore the financial planning process for retirement.

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Working over the phone, through email, & in person

The days of finding the only guy in town who sells for one insurance company are long past. At Cardinal, we are licensed and have clients in all 50 states and D.C. We represent over 100 insurance companies and can get you the best insurance policies for your needs.

We can keep track of 100 companies because we work as a team almost exclusively over the phone. Paired with email, fax, mail, and even texting, it is not necessary to have face-to-face meetings to serve you anymore.

What all this means is no matter your location in the U.S., we can help you like you were right down the street.
Our clients find this more convenient; it is easy to reach us whenever they have a question or concern. They refer their friends or family who might live in another state.Working over the phone and email gives this small family business the ability to have a large impact nationally.
That being said, if you are in North Carolina, or the surrounding states, we would be happy to meet you in person. We have offices in Durham, Charlotte, and Greensboro, and even make house calls from time to time.

Our Leadership

Hans “John” Scheil, CFP®

Founder and CEO

Thomas “Tom” Griffith, CFP®

Vice President

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