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    Hear what our listeners have to say:

    As a member of the sandwich generation, I am constantly trying to learn how to best plan for my own financial future while also trying to help other family members prepare for theirs. Unlike a lot of other personal finance podcast, this podcast offers thoughtful, practical and comprehensive insights into all aspects of retirement planning and personal finance.
    – Neil W.

    Hear what our listeners have to say:

    Both hosts keep this show alive. Medicare, long term insurance, and Social Security were very helpful!
    – John T.

    Hear what our listeners have to say:

    I like Robby and Hans a lot. Hans‘ focus on educating and helping before selling is refreshing; and Robby is simply charming to listen to. I’m not quite ready for retirement yet but I still like to tune in and see what they’re talking about every once and a while.
    – Spencer H.