The Complete Cardinal Guide to Planning for and Living in Retirement

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Praise for “The Complete Cardinal Guide”

With over 30 yrs of financial advisor experience, this is the FIRST time I have ever seen anything written with such clarity for the normal, every day person. Planning for retirement and living it successfully takes understanding of the issues covered by this John. He even provides sample forms via Appendix A-H as exclamations for you to peruse……….. Clearly an easy read and thought-provoking source for any one anticipating retirement.
– Michael T.

Praise for “The Complete Cardinal Guide”

Throughout our working years my wife and I have attempted to plan for our retirement. We’ve reached out to professionals for guidance and researched on our own hoping that we were making wise decisions. But as our retirement years are drawing near we’ve realized that most professionals seem to share only enough about retirement planning to convince you to buy a product. There are so many retirement topics that no one out there is teaching in an unbiased way. Thankfully we found this book. Hans explains everything in simple English with many easy to understand examples. This book is worth many more times what we paid. We now clearly understand what we need to do to be fully prepared for retirement.
– Larry H.

Praise for “The Complete Cardinal Guide”

It’s nice to be able to find help formulating a plan for caring and graceful aging without financial ruin or familial burden. This is an illuminating and general guide for those that are unsure of options, or have no idea where to turn when faced with planning care for a loved one. It provided a calmness and sense of purpose, as well as a blue print for success, in an otherwise overwhelming time of upheaval and total confusion.
– Scott G.

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