How We Work

The Cardinal Way

At Cardinal, we aspire to live by our 5 core values. We look for matching values in the people we work and consult with.

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Open & Honest Communication
  • Personal Growth
  • Value-Conscious Choices
  • The Golden Rule

We believe in individual responsibility, so we look for clients who believe their financial situation in retirement is their personal responsibility. It is our responsibility to help them make the most of what they have.

Open and honest communication means clients hear both the good and the bad in all our recommendations. We don’t smooth over difficult subjects like sickness, incapacity, aging, and death. We look for clients who are open and transparent with their finances, who they want to leave their estate to, and how they wish to be cared for in the end of their life.

We don’t manipulate responses to hard questions. In fact, we look for clients who come to trust us enough to share their vulnerabilities.

We have no hidden agendas. As CFP® (Certified Financial PlannerTM) professionals, we have a fiduciary responsibility to lead clients to the financial choices that are best for them.

We learn about a client’s situation first, educate them on their choices, and then present our recommendations. We ask clients to purchase products we recommend from us, though it is not a requirement.

We also believe that experiencing discomfort is necessary for change, personal growth, and planning. Retirement is a new phase in life and comes with many changes. It is uncomfortable to talk about money, declining health, long term care, and death, for both our clients and us. We all grow from dealing with our discomfort.

Every recommendation we give is prepared in a value conscious manner. We do not give all our clients the same recommendation, we look at each individual’s specific situation.

Value-conscious choices means that we are also taking into account our emotions while making decisions. Our clients make decisions based on logic and reasoning while also honoring their emotions, such as love for their families and fear of loss.

Finally, we abide by The Golden Rule. We believe in treating all people as we want to be treated, not as objects or vehicles for our own fulfillment.  We expect the same respect from our clients.

In our experience, many people make financial and insurance decisions from a place of fear, embarrassment, disappointment, loneliness, or sadness. While we acknowledge and validate these difficult emotions, we also work to identify a person’s hopes and dreams for themselves and their family. Then we work together to apply some logic and planning to their financial decisions.

We don’t claim to live these values perfectly, but we try our best every day. These principles ensure we can work with clients sharing mutual trust and respect, and together we can effectively and successfully plan for retirement.