The Complete Cardinal Guide to Planning for and Living in Retirement Workbook

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Praise for “The Complete Cardinal Guide Workbook”

I had to get this after reading the first book – it’s such a great follow up! I was able to look more closely at our specific situation and get a better idea of how I’d like our retirement to look. There were several details in these topics that I didn’t even think to bring up when working with a professional. My husband went to Hans for help on his Medicare insurance, and I’m definitely going to him for guidance in these other areas!
– Maria S.

Praise for “The Complete Cardinal Guide Workbook”

I used this workbook to help me understand more clearly the many factors that go into retirement planning. I was particularly interested in Social Security and how it affects me and my husband. I thought it was an excellent guide, easy to grasp and organized.
– Cynthia G.

Praise for “The Complete Cardinal Guide Workbook”

This workbook is a great supplement to Hans’ book by the same title. I’ve never found so much practical knowledge about preparing for retirement in a concise, easy to read book like this. The information is unbiased and truly feels like an educational book. Everything else I’ve read in an attempt to educate myself has felt like a sales brochure for a product. I’m thankful that I found this book.
– Larry H.

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