Navigating the Seven Key Decisions for a Secure Retirement


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We’re thrilled to share insights from our latest video, which marks a significant step in our journey on YouTube. What began as an accidental venture into video content has now become a cornerstone of our mission at Cardinal, helping you navigate the complexities of retirement planning.

The Seven Worries in Retirement

Our focus in this video is the “Seven Worries in Retirement,” a concept we’ve developed to categorize the key decisions you’ll likely face in your 60s and beyond. These worries encompass:

1. Social Security Decisions:
When and how to claim benefits, understanding spousal benefits, and the impact on your overall financial plan.

2. Medicare Choices:
Navigating the myriad options and understanding the timing, especially if you’re still working past 65.

3. Long-Term Care Planning:
Preparing for unforeseen health issues, the importance of having the right documents, and considering long-term care insurance.

4. 401K and IRA Management:
Defining the purpose of your retirement savings and smart distribution strategies, including Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs).

5. Retirement Income Strategies:
Balancing risk in your investment portfolio and understanding the implications of spending principle in retirement.

6. Estate Planning:
Addressing the complexities of distributing your assets, especially in scenarios involving second marriages and blended families.

7. Income Tax Considerations:
Effective tax planning throughout retirement, including understanding tax brackets and the potential benefits of Roth conversions.

The Cardinal Approach

In the video, my colleague Tom and I explore each of these areas, highlighting the interconnectedness of these decisions. We emphasize that a change in one area can ripple through others, much like ingredients in a soup. Our goal is to give you a taste of the thought process and questions we consider in each domain.


Our journey on YouTube has been an incredible part of our mission at Cardinal. We’re dedicated to helping you navigate the complex decisions that come with planning for retirement. We invite you to watch our latest video, explore our website, and reach out if you need personalized advice. Remember, a well-planned retirement is a secure retirement.

7 Worries – Retirement Planning

Welcome to our special video where we explore the essence of what we do at Cardinal. Our journey on YouTube started somewhat accidentally, but it’s blossomed into a thriving community. Today, we focus on the core of our mission: addressing the seven critical worries in retirement. These worries aren’t just about what keeps you up at night; they’re about making informed decisions in pivotal areas of your retirement planning, often in your 60s, but sometimes earlier or later.

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