The Cardinal Semester on Long-Term Care Insurance — Your Ultimate Guide to Navigating a Complex Landscape


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Introduction: Why a “Cardinal Semester”?

Hey there, and welcome to what we’re calling “The Cardinal Semester.” You may be wondering, why the semester moniker? Well, usually, we offer Cardinal Lessons—short, concise educational pieces. But today, we’ve got something extra special for you—a full-blown 90-minute educational feast!

That’s right, this content was originally designed as a Continuing Education (CE) course for CPAs. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, from understanding the very basics to diving deep into tax considerations and wrapping up with real-life examples. So, let’s jump right in!

Why 90 Minutes?

Before we go further, let’s address the elephant in the room. Why would anyone create a 90-minute video about long-term care insurance? Simple! We were honored to design a CE program for CPAs, focusing on this very subject.

The program’s aim is comprehensive education, so we’re treating you just like we would a CPA—in-depth, detailed, and thorough.

Who Needs Long-Term Care Insurance Anyway?

If you’re like most people, the question isn’t IF you’ll need long-term care, but WHEN. So before we dive into complex topics like tax considerations, let’s discuss the basics of why long-term care insurance is important in the first place.

Tax Considerations in Long-Term Care Insurance

Tax considerations are crucial for CPAs but equally vital for you. We explore the tax implications that come into play when you decide to buy long-term care insurance. Whether you are self-employed, have a high net worth, or are just an average Joe, you’ll find these insights beneficial.

8 Ways to Approach Long-Term Care Insurance Based on Health Conditions

One of the key highlights of our video and this blog is the section where we walk you through 8 detailed examples of different approaches to buying long-term care insurance. These examples take into account various health scenarios, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of your options.

Breaking It Down: How to Consume This Content

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of a 90-minute commitment? No worries! You have options:

Watch in Segments:
Take it slow, watch parts of it when you can.

Check Out Shorter Videos:
We have a series of 10-20 minute videos on long-term care topics. Watch five of them, and you’re all caught up!

Conclusion: Take Control of Your Long-Term Care Needs

Long-term care insurance may not be the most exciting topic, but it’s essential. We’ve put our heart and soul into making this “Cardinal Semester” as enlightening as possible. Whether you’re new to this topic or looking for more advanced advice, we’ve got you covered.

Long-Term Care Insurance (Long Version)

Welcome to a unique experience we’re calling “The Cardinal Semester!” In this extensive 90-minute video, we dive deep into the nitty-gritty of long-term care insurance. Why so long? We initially designed this as a Continuing Education (CE) course for CPAs, so trust us—it’s thorough! From the basics to tax considerations and innovative approaches to choosing the right policy for your health situation, we’ve got it covered. The cherry on top? We provide 8 detailed examples illustrating different ways to go about securing long-term care insurance. This is your ultimate guide to understanding this complex subject!

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